Things You Need For Your First Apartment In New York

Things you need for your first apartment in New York

Congratulations, you’re going to be a New York Resident!

Living in New York can be quite the rat race! That’s why it’s important to be as prepared as possible. Renting a furnished apartment in New York is quite daunting, especially if it’s your first time living there. To help ease your transition to the Big Apple, continue reading and find out what advice Dharma Home Suites has to offer for an enjoyable corporate housing experience.


First off, you’re going to need to know how to get around. In a city like New York, such a task becomes a challenge. There are plenty of useful apps and tips to help though. Subway, bikes, taxis, buses, and ferries are all valid options for transportation in New York.

Here are some helpful apps:

  • iTrans – The benefits of this app are numerous. It offers live subway departures and countdown clocks so you know exactly how much time you have to make the next train. Push alerts, offline maps, and line diagrams are among the other beneficial features.
  • Ride the City – Ride the City is an app intended to help bicyclists travelling around New York. The app only costs $1.99 and has a three star rating. The app helps bicyclists by offering the quickest route from point A to point B. It optimized routes by keeping riders off busy streets, while suggesting routes that use bike lanes, greenways, and that avoid steep hills.

Food, Eating Out, and Discounts

If you are staying in New York for a business trip you may or may not have to worry about paying for your own food. Like any other major city groceries and eating out can become quite expensive and difficult.

Here are some tips for grocery shopping in New York:

  • You’re going to have to take into account how to transport your groceries. Driving to or from the grocery store will be a headache, so it’s better to take public transportation. Consider investing in a collapsible grocery cart.
  • Consider ordering your groceries online to get them delivered right to your front door. Companies that offer this service include: Fresh Direct, Urban Organic, and Quinciple.

  • Start practicing coupon hunting. Some sites that offer coupons online to print are:

You can also look for coupons in the New York newspapers.
  • Couponing also applies to eating out, site seeing, and most other activities that cost money.
Final Things to Think About for Your First Apartment in New York

You’re going to want a schedule. In a city as chaotic as New York, organization is key. Plan out what sites you’re going to see, the best routes to take, and just about anything else that you will do in a day. You’re also going to want a map app. The easiest one to get would be Google Maps. Don’t forget about toiletries either. If you’re the creative type, go thrift shopping and find ways to make your apartment yours . Enjoy living in New York!

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