Travelling Healthy

Travelling Healthy

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on the road can be a challenging prospect. Most people find it easier to stick to their sleeping, eating, and exercise routine at home, where the bed is familiar, it’s easy to shop for fresh ingredients to make healthy meals, and you know the best local jogging tracks and gyms.

Even for the most disciplined, extended travel, whether for work or leisure, can be disruptive to a healthy lifestyle. How many of us have had the experience of gaining unwanted pounds/kilos at the end of a long trip?

At Dharma, we strive to provide you with a home-away-from-home experience, and that includes helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle regardless of your length of stay. In this week’s blog, we share with you tips on how to sleep well, eat well, and stay fit while staying as a guest in our well-furnished apartments, many with access to large, in-building gyms and pools, and located in neighborhoods with grocers that allow you to take advantage of your unit’s full-stocked, modern kitchens.

#1: Having a Comfortable Setting to Relax in

Temporary housing provides home-like environments that make it easier for you to sit back and relax. Feeling comfortable in a temporary apartment can ensure that you get a good night’s sleep which is an essential part of good living. Not disturbing your sleeping schedule can not only mean you’ll be well rested, but can help you maintain maximum productivity during your trip.

That being said, it’s not just about the space but also the bed, sheets, and pillows that can make or break your night. For example, at Dharma we only use Thomaston Mills sheets in our beds to ensure quality softness and comfort. The comfort of a bed should never be underestimated and having access to a washer and dryer in our units also means you could wash the sheets and quilts with your preferred scents, bringing the comfort of a home straight to the bed.

We know the importance of a home-feeling and we strive to provide the ultimate comfort to make sure you sleep soundly each and every night of your stay. Comfy and comforting, just like home.

#2: Exercise

Just as important as ensuring a good night’s sleep is making sure you’re body is getting the exercise it needs and is used to. We know that going out for a run in a neighborhood you aren’t familiar with is not ideal, which is why staying at an amenities-rich apartment complex can provide an essential and safe way of staying on routine: a gym.

Aside from providing home-like settings, having the access to amenities such as a gym, rooftop, or spacious living rooms is the best way to ensure your workout routines don’t suffer. The importance of exercising should never be sacrificed during business travel and should be easily added to any vacationing schedule. Most importantly being able to do your workout routines in the necessary environment ensures you’re being safe, using the right equipment, and in a comfortable setting.

Choosing an alternative accommodation with a gym or large living pace ensures that your routine and your body don’t suffer, it’s an essential part of wellness and healthy living. Be it yoga or running make sure you have the right space and setting to keep your healthy habits. Sometimes you might even find fun new ways to get a workout in! At Dharma’s Novia building you can even enjoy hot yoga classes inside the building!

#3: Balanced Diet

We’ve discussed the importance of a good night’s sleep, the importance of exercise, last but not least is the importance of healthy eating! We know that traveling can mean new places to eat, new cuisines to try, and lots of places to explore and sticking to a diet can be challenging. However, eating out everyday is an incredibly expensive disruption to any clean or healthy eating habits you might have.

While hotels can have many options in their cuisine options nothing really beats the taste of home. Being able to cook and have easy access to fresh produce makes it easy to meal prep, cook, and stay within your established diet regimen.

Additionally, check out our blog and follow us on Instagram , where we’ll often feature our favorite local establishments, including restaurants and grocers preferred by the health-conscious.

Providing a home away from home to all of our guests is the Dharma way. We enjoy knowing the positive effects we can have by providing environments to maintain a healthy lifestyle and are proud to provide all our guests with a home.

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