What Is Corporate Housing? How To Select The Right Corporate Housing Company?

What is Corporate Housing? How to select the right Corporate Housing Company?

What is Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing is like the middle ground between hotels and apartments. It’s mostly intended for people who are looking for a home-away-from-home, usually for a couple weeks to a couple months. Who mainly benefits from this concept? Corporate housing, also known as fully furnished apartments, target professionals on business trips, military personal, or individuals looking for a short-term stay.

Corporate apartments are not to be confused with extended stay hotels . The difference is in amenities, comfort, pricing, square footage, and a few other details. On average guests choose corporate housing for about a month long stay. When choosing who you stay with, you must weigh the pros and cons between hotels, corporate housing, and extended stay hotels. Once, you’ve chosen which will be best, you should ask yourself a few more questions for selecting the right company to stay with.

How to Select the Right Corporate Housing Company?

  • Location, Location, Location.
The first, obvious important aspect to choosing your corporate housing provider is picking a proper location. You’re going to want a furnished apartment that’s close by your most frequented visiting locations. For instance if you’re a business professional, you’re going to want to be close by whichever business you’re employed with. Other locations to consider the need to be closed by are, grocery stores, coffee shops, clubs, and any other high priority locations.

  • Prices
The next priority on your list of assessing a corporate rental company is price range. Most corporate housing is going to be relatively comfortable compared to the alternatives available, so there’s no reason to break the bank with your furnished apartment choice.

  • Size
If you’re a corporate company is sending multiple employees to the same event then the economical choice would be to reserve a multiple room furnished apartment. Depending on how many workers you send, may require you to get a two, three, or maybe even a four-bedroom furnished apartment.

  • Amenities, Comforts, and Conveniences
The final priority is comforts and luxury. In other words, what amenities does the corporate housing company provide? Multiple beds, furnished kitchens, high-speed Internet, parking, maid service, door man service, etc.? The second question is what amenities are you looking for and who provides them for reasonable prices?

Final Words

From all of us at Dharma Home Suites, we aim to provide the most quality driven corporate housing available on the market. We now have our own building at Hoboken, New Jersey, and new locations in Washington D.C., Boston, and Philadelphia.

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