Why Dharma?

Why Dharma?

Home Experience, Upscale Accommodations, and Excellent Customer Service.

The three most important facets of staying at a Dharma Home Suites apartment. Throughout the years we have worked on perfecting our apartments to fit all of our customer’s needs. The Dharma Experience is for everyone. Regardless of which of our properties you stay at for whatever reason, we strive to help you feel right at home.

Why hear it just from us though? We asked a guest to tell us all about their Dharma Experience and what makes her choose Dharma above all others. Carole Talbot and her family are from Australia, and have stayed with us several times while vacationing in the U.S.. Her preferred apartment? Our suites at Exchange Place, located in the heart of Jersey City with easy access to restaurants, shops, and public transportation its the ideal location for a comfortable stay.

  • “From my first visit to New York in 2015 I quickly learned from researching accommodations that it was New Jersey that was best for my family. I wanted a place to stay that we could relax after exploring the city and being 3 adults wanted to be able to have space to sleep and relax without being in each other’s ways.”
Lucky for Carole, we feel the same way; our 2 and 3 bedroom accommodations are specially tailored for groups of travelers looking to stay somewhere that’s not only spacious but also has all the necessary amenities to keep everyone happy.

  • “The space and the amenities. I prefer to have the option of cooking a meal ourselves but it’s mainly the space that staying in an apartment allows.”
We know the importance of feeling comfortable however you travel and as part of our apartments you will always find fully equipped kitchens with quality cookware, cutlery, and utensils ready for you and your travel companions to enjoy.

The amenities, space, and quality standard that characterize our apartments are only part of the experience; it’s through our eclectic hospitality team that we provide our guests a truly Dharma Experience. Our trained 24×7 customer services hotline and building management team ensures that all our guests receive top notch services regardless of the time, space, or issue.

  • “The helpfulness of staff is nothing more than the best. On our last trip we had a problem with the phone & internet in the apartment and with one phone call the problem was addressed within a few hours.”

We believe in good Karma, our company guidelines help us lead a strong company,

  • “Above and beyond helpful which was fantastic and it’s not something I have found anywhere else. I love what the company has achieved and continues to deliver”

Knowing that we continue to provide a home away from home to our guests allows us to continuously grow. Having our guests share their experiences with others is not only a great honor but also a great opportunity to better our company inside and out.

  • “Anytime I speak to someone who asks about accommodation I have no hesitation recommending Dharma Home Suites.”

Providing Quality Service, to Happy People is the Dharma way. Years of long work and continuous growth have lead us down a rewarding path; we have learned new ways to inspire our workers, and provide to our guests and will continue to do so for many years to come.

When asked if she would change about the Dharma experience Carole Talbot said:

  • “Absolutely nothing at all, I love what the company has achieved and continues to deliver. Can’t wait for my next visit.”

To all our guests thank you for choosing Dharma, and to all new guests:

Welcome to Dharma,

Welcome Home.

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