Stay Green On The Road

Stay Green on the road

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Aug 13
For environmentally conscious travelers, a true “home-away-from-home” experience may mean staying with a lodging provider that is just as committed to green hospitality and green business practices.

Anticipating growing consumer demands, forward-thinking hotels are increasingly committed to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building construction and operations – i.e. using environmentally responsible construction materials, and incorporating technologies for efficient heating, cooling, lighting, water usage, and waste management.

Truly eco-friendly travelers, however, whether on the road for business or pleasure, may want to consider alternatives to hotels like furnished apartments, as the latter provides much more opportunities for guests to enjoy their stay while minimizing environmental impact. Hotels, even those that occupy LEED-certified buildings, tend to operate with a hefty environmental footprint, such as default daily housekeeping that requires substantial water and often chemical-based cleaning supplies, and room service that can encourage food waste (uneaten food).

Unlike hotel stays, short-term serviced apartment living allows for a home-away-from-home experience that is comparatively less resource-intensive for the hospitality provider and affords the guest more opportunities to stay green on the road.

  • Spaced Housekeeping: daily housekeeping offered by traditional hotels may feel glamorous, but is arguably unnecessarily wasteful. Furnished housing providers like Dharma generally offer complimentary and comprehensive housekeeping once every two weeks, striking a balance between providing guests with a luxury experience, and resource responsibility. Dharma takes environmental responsibility a step further through its exclusive use of non-toxic, plant-based cleaning products from Seventh Generation, a certified B Corporation that uses recycled packaging for its products.
  • Home Cooked Meals: fast food takeout meals and room service dining can be convenient, but a generously-sized kitchen fully-stocked with pots, pans, cooking utensils, and dinnerware, allows guests to portion appropriately to reduce waste, select ethically-sourced ingredients, and retain greater control over nutritional choices and flavoring. For travelers that aim to stay green on the road, furnished housing in upscale apartment buildings – like those offered by Dharma – can be an attractive alternative to traditional hotels.
Dharma aims to improve people’s lives by spreading good karma and incorporating the Japanese concept of “Kaizen”, or continuous improvement, in how we do business. A major expression of these principles is our commitment to environmental-friendliness and human health in the way we provide hospitality services. If you’re a “green traveler” that seeks to be as planet-friendly on the road as you are at home, we invite you to consider Dharma the next time you travel.

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