What To Do In Miami When The Weather Doesn’t Cooperate

What to do in Miami When the Weather Doesn’t Cooperate

Every once in a while, it is good to sit back and look at all the things in life to be grateful for. I am lucky and blessed to have a career that allows me to indulge my love of exploration and travel, especially in my home state of Florida. I love finding and experiencing all the great outdoor activities that South Florida has to offer. However, I must admit that during the summer months, I need to take a day or two off from sun and fun and seek some knowledge and culture. Preferably in a place with air conditioning. And some covering for the inevitable afternoon rains. So this month, we are going to check out Bayside Marketplace and the newly renovated Frost Museum in Downtown Miami.
Located just 9 miles from both our Monte Carlo and Red Road Commons properties, Bayfront Marketplace offers a plethora of food, fun and shopping opportunities. My friend Teal and I drove over, but if you don’t have a car or would just like to cruise on the water, you can take a water taxi from Miami Beach. From Red Road Commons, you would have to drive or take an Uber, but if you want your chance on the water, when you get to Bayfront Marketplace, you can take an 80 minute long cruise on a pirate boat! https://miamiaquatours.com/cruises/pirate-adventure/
We had a lot on our agenda, so we skipped the cruise and headed to the bar to fuel up for our day. Our first stop was at Mojitobar , where we got the signature drink that comes with a complimentary glass.

Dharma Home Suite Monte Carlo Property

Dharma Home Suite Red Road Commons Property

Drinks in hand, we passed the little tent with live music playing and checked out all the stores – there was everything from crocs, to clothes, to jewelry to choose from. What is great about this mall is that it is outdoors but covered, so you are protected from both the sun and the rain, while still getting to enjoy being outside. After a bit of shopping, we started to get hungry. There are many restaurants here to choose from, or you can make your way to the food court. I must say the food in the food court is some of the fanciest I’ve seen in a “mall”. Take a look –

After lunch, we made our way to the Skyviews Observation Wheel, which I was too chicken to get on, but looked really cool.

We checked out the music for a while, and then we headed over to the Frost Museum of Science. It is only a two minute car ride, but you could also walk the Baywalk Path that takes you along the waterfront right to the museum.

The Frost Museum is HUGE . There is so much to do that you can easily spend your entire day there and still not see everything. There are six different exhibitions: A three level Aquarium; a Planetarium; Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs , where you “enter the world of the largest flying animals that ever existed”; Power of Science, where you can “explore how science pushed the boundaries of possibility as you learn about groundbreaking research and discoveries”; Feathers to the Stars, where you “follow the story of flight”; and the MeLab, where you explore the amazing ways body and mind work together”.

Unfortunately for us, the Planetarium was closed the day we went, but there was still plenty to do and explore. We got to pet starfish, see all kinds of underwater sea creatures, and simulate flying – both like a Pterodactyl and in a plane. And everywhere we went were cool replicas of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures.