Monte Carlo: A Recipe For Stress Relief.

Monte Carlo: A Recipe for Stress Relief.

I don’t know about you, but this past month has been incredibly hectic and more than a bit stressful, so when I was asked to stay at Dharma’s Monte Carlo property for this month’s blog, I jumped at the chance. And because I am a such a good person, I took my sister, who also needed a break, with me. Even though it was technically work, I thought “What is the best way to decompress this weekend while utilizing the facilities at Monte Carlo?” The answer came to me when I saw that the South Beach Seafood Festival was happening in October . Those of you who can, should book Monte Carlo and go to the Festival that runs from October 20-23 . This Florida seafood festival is a “curated showcase of the best talents of South Florida’s leading chefs and culinary masterminds via a diverse group of events, where guests experience the best seafood in Miami and kick off world renowned stone crab season.”
Even if you can’t make it to the Seafood Festival, you can bring the flavors of South Beach to you at any time by taking advantage of the kitchen at Monte Carlo to make one of my favorite dishes – Ceviche! This recipe is perfect for that Miami Beach getaway. Better yet, I’d make a charcuterie board that included ceviche and not have to spend the whole day cooking when the beach was calling my name.

I valeted my car and checked in at the concierge desk around 3PM. Since I hate to try to park in Miami, I decided for the rest of the weekend, I was not going to use my car. Instead, I would explore everything within walking distance. It was less than five minutes to walk to the grocery store , so before I picked up the supplies needed for the ceviche, I decided to see what else was around to add to my charcuterie board. I found a perfect place just seven blocks from the property – Mimmo’s Italian Market, Cafe and Cheese Factory. Look at this wall of Italian products!

After sampling the many cheeses made in-house (the truffle oil Burrata is the bomb!), I made a few purchases, such as a delicious roasted eggplant marinated in olive oil. We decided after walking for a bit, we needed a juice. Luckily, in Miami Beach there are at least six different places within walking distance to get one. We settled on La Sandwicherie, a french based sandwich shop that also serves juices. I got the Carrot Ginger Splash and continued over to the North Beach Bandshell, where they were getting ready for a gospel concert. That wasn’t exactly my style, but there are so many other events going on there that I made a mental note to come back to enjoy this outdoor venue.

First, you start with these ingredients:

Limes (6)
Orange (1)
Cilantro (1 Bunch)
Red or Orange Bell Pepper (1)
Red Onion (1 small or ½ large)
Shrimp (peeled and deveined) and a whitefish. ( I usually get Corvina, but if that’s not available, Cod works as well)

You can serve this over a salad, on a tostada, or like we did, as part of our charcuterie board with Tortilla chips. I recommend taking everything out on the balcony and enjoy it with a glass of Chardonnay.
South Beach Seafood Festival :
Mimmo’s Mozzarella Italian Cafe:
La Sandwicherie:

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