Digital Nomads: The New Way Of Creating A Work/Life Balance

Digital Nomads: The New Way of Creating a Work/Life Balance

You see the pictures all over social media – laptop out and feet up against a spectacular background from some tropical paradise or hip city skyline, usually entitled something like, “My Office”. These pictures are becoming more and more ubiquitous as we start to see the rise of The Digital Nomad.

What is a Digital Nomad?

A Digital Nomad is the employee or freelance worker who can work from anywhere; all they need is a laptop and access to the internet. They aren’t dependent upon a specific office or location to get their work done. They are trading the interpersonal relationships of an office job for the freedom and flexibility of remote work.

If you are thinking about becoming a Digital Nomad, you are not alone.

The Digital Nomad trend has grown tremendously since the pandemic began. Forbes predicts that by 2025, “a whopping 35.7 million Americans or 22% of the workforce will be remote workers.”

With numbers like this, it is easy to think that the Digital Nomad life is exactly like the pictures . And while this may be partially true, there is a lot more to it than just kicking up your heels and taking fun photos.

First of all, you’ll need to see where your skills and experience line up with remote work. Here is one list of well-paying work from home careers to help you get started on your Digital Nomad journey.

Once you find the work you are looking for, there are things to keep in mind when working remotely to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Dharma Home Suites is here to help you make the most out of your Digital Nomad life.

What you need to work productively
In addition to a laptop and internet, what most remote workers need is a space that enables them to do their best work. A productive workspace can mean different things for different people: some people need an absolute quiet place to work; others work best when they are amongst noise and people; and some people need a space with inspirational views or aesthetics.

While all of Dharma’s furnished apartment suites come with free high speed internet for those Google Meets and Zoom calls and a desk for your convenience upon request, each individual property has its own charm and benefits to working remotely.

If you need a separate office space to do your best work, Dharma’s Grand Plaza at Coral Gables has a 24-hour Business Center that comes with MAC Desktop computers, a meeting room, and private office space for one-on-one consultations.

Looking to enjoy the outdoors while you work? The apartments at Dharma’s Sheridan Ocean Club have balconies or patios from which to work and enjoy the beautiful South Florida weather. They also have a business center that you can use if you find the need to hold a meeting.

Come to Dharma’s Monte Carlo property for quiet spaces and inspirational views. Located right on the ocean, the chill vibes of our beachside apartment suites are perfect for concentrating on your work. Some of the furnished apartments at this property include a desk for you to work on as well.

For those who do their best work when in the midst of others, Dharma at Red Road Commons in Coral Gables and Dharma at Novia in Hoboken are both located down the block from great coffee shops that have free internet and tasty treats.

How to avoid burnout

Now that you know you have a space that allows you to be at your most productive, you also need to know when to stop working and enjoy your life. As much as we love the Digital Nomad life , there are times you need to step away from the laptop and give yourself a break. There are three different types of breaks that can help you avoid getting burnt out:

The 20 20 20 Break

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology , staring at the computer for long periods of time can cause dry and strained eyes. They recommend that for every 20 minutes you spend on a screen, you look 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
What better way to remember this then to stay somewhere where you can spend those twenty seconds gazing at the ocean? Dharma at Monte Carlo on Miami Beach has spectacular views of their resort style pools, Biscayne Bay, or the Atlantic Ocean to inspire you as well as giving a break to your eyes.

Dharma at Novia has eye-catching views of the NYC skyline that can be viewed from your room or the rooftop patio.

Dharma at Red Road Commons, Sheridan Ocean Club and Grand Plaza have apartments with garden and pool views that are tempting enough to lure you away from your computer for that much needed eye break.
The 5-10 minute break
Another recommendation for remote workers is that every 50 minutes or so, it is good to get up, stretch and perhaps take a short walk. Dharma’s propertiescome with amenities to help get your circulation going for a bit before you have to go back to the computer.

Dharma at Monte Carlo has a great path that runs along the beach that is perfect for a quick walk to refresh your body and mind.

For those of you who are longing for that Nomad life, but you can’t bear to leave your furbaby behind,Dharma at Red Road Commons in South Miami not only allows dogs, but has an on-site dog park for them to run around in when you need to take that short break from the computer.

Dharma at Sheridan Ocean Club has both basketball and tennis courts , and Dharma at Grand Plaza has a billiard room for you to play a quick game or get some live interaction that you may be missing as a remote worker.

If you need a longer break, or you’re finding that you aren’t getting enough exercise in your day, Dharma at Novia has a Hot Yoga studio to help you refresh your muscles and your mind.

All four of Dharma’s Miami Properties have a resort style pool that you can use to loosen those neck and shoulders that can get tight due to computer use.

Taking a day off

When you are working remotely, it is can become very difficult to separate work from leisure time. People working in different time zones can get emails, direct messages, and calls at any time of day, making it difficult to make sure you have that work/life balance that you are seeking.
Below are some great places to visit and experience on that day off – they also make for great photo ops for our remote workers who are influencers or looking to gain more traffic on their sites.
Less than 5 miles from Dharma’s Red Road Commons property is Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens , a park that consists of 83 acres of gardens, art and exhibits. Have lunch at the Glasshouse Cafe , which is located right next to the Wings of the Tropics exhibit in The Clinton Family Conservatory, where you can see hundreds of spectacular butterflies year-round. They also have some great events like the Sip and Stroll where you can sample tasty food and specialty cocktails while enjoying live music.
Just a mile away from Dharma at Grand Plaza is the Venetian Pools, the only swimming pool in the National Register of Historic Places. Made from a limestone quarry in 1924, this unique water facility has caves, grottos, and waterfalls to relax in and get great social media pics.
Dharma at Sheridan Ocean Club is less than ten minutes from Hollywood Art Walk , where they have concerts, shows, and art classes year round.
Dharma’s property at Novia provides many photo opportunities as it is just a short ferry ride from NYC and the many attractions there. If you don’t feel like commuting into the city on your day off, we recommend Pier 13 (during season) to partake in their food and drink trucks – and get a great pic.
Dharma at Monte Carlo is just a 20 minute drive from Wynwood Walls , a mecca for social media influencers looking for that perfect pic. Check out the graffiti art, get a bite to eat from one of the many restaurants that line the streets, and get your perfect instagram photo.

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