Explore The Flavors Of The World Without Leaving Hollywood: A Guide To International Cuisine Near Sheridan Ocean Club

Explore the Flavors of the World Without Leaving Hollywood: A Guide to International Cuisine Near Sheridan Ocean Club

February is almost here, and we are solidly into snowbird season, that time of year when those who are sick of the cold flock to Florida for fun, sun, food, and relaxation. Whether you are visiting for a quick weekend getaway or planning on staying until spring, you can feel at home when you stay at Dharma’s fully furnished short term rental apartments at Sheridan Ocean Club.

If you’re staying at Sheridan Ocean Club , you are in the perfect location to experience the thriving international food scene going on at Hollywood Boulevard and Young Circle, just a few miles away from the property. So, why not take a culinary tour around the world and get a Guinness from an Irish pub, a meal from Mexico and dessert from Switzerland – all in one night? Here are a few suggestions to get you started on your tasty adventure.

The All-American Fare: From Signature Burgers to Vegan Fish 

The gastropub The Tipsy Boar offers a wide-ranging array of dishes alongside their signature Tipsy Boar Burger. Appetizers like Lobster BLT Tacos and Lamb Gyro Croquettes are offered in addition to sandwiches and main dishes like Blackened Mahi, Sicily Chicken, or a choice of six different kinds of pizza. Kids meals are on the menu, and the bar lives up to the restaurant name with drinks like the Tipsy Cucumber Martini.
C4 Eats is an “American” restaurant specializing in Vegan dishes. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can get anything from a Breakfast Burrito to a Citrus “Rib” Wrap to a Vegan Fish Dinner with Mac N Cheese and Candied Yams. It’s the perfect place to go to have the satisfaction of a meaty dinner without the guilt.

xThe Authentic Abuela Inspired Experience 

Chef Iram Ayala named his Puerto Rican style restaurant El Bayu De Wela Sara as an homage to his grandmother Sara (“wela” being short for abuela). This restaurant offers “a genuine boricua gastronomical experience”. One of the things that sets this restaurant apart from others is Ayala’s vegan offerings, which allows many who couldn’t try many traditional Puerto Rican dishes to take part. Don’t worry meat lovers, the vegan options are just a small part of the menu; there are many traditional chicken and beef dishes for you to choose from. If you have never tried Puerto Rican food before, the Mofongo is a must: it’s traditionally made from deep-fried green plantain pieces mashed with garlic and (in the non vegan option), chicharones (pork crackling).

The Mexican and Asian Flavor Fiesta

Oaxaka’s fusion restaurant combines the best flavors of Mexican and Asian cuisine. You can get a traditional Mexican Horchata or Asian Lychee Lemonade paired with a Tuna Crudo Burrito, a dish filled with yellowfin tuna, kimchi sauce, and cilantro-lime rice. They also have a build your own Oaxaka bowl, where you can throw caution to the wind and make your own combination of beef, chicken or fish paired with sauces like Cumin-lime Crema or Ginger-wasabi Wontons.

Orale serves up traditional Mexican fare in a fiesta environment. Chef Jaime Jiménez opened Orale in 2009, with the intention of bringing “a piece of Mexico with all of its flavors and colorful decor.” With dishes like Tostadas de Ceviche and Huachinango a la Diabla, we think they’ve succeeded.

The Magic of Peruvian Fusion

We move on from Mexico and travel down to South America with Runas Peruvian Cuisine.This restaurant is the realization of the dreams of two friends—Tony Dominguez and Gerardo Landa. They designed it to have two sections: The tavern, which is open nightly and hosts live music on Friday nights, and the restaurant, where, in addition to traditional Peruvian dishes, you can find delicacies from each of the countries from which the Peruvian cuisine was influenced: Peruvian Italian, Peruvian Chinese and Japanese Peruvian (Nikkei). There are over a dozen different types of Ceviche to choose from – or get the Ceviche Sampler and try them all!

A Crossroad of Asian Cuisines

Red Thai Sushi by Yaya offers a menu of authentic Sushi, Thai and Japanese recipes. The lunch menu offers combos of sushi, sashimi, and rolls or Thai specials that come with rice and a Spring Roll. For dinner, you can order Japanese dishes like Teriyaki or Katsu, or Thai specialties such as Pad Thai or Panang Curry a la carte.

Krakatoa started out as a booth in the local farmers market and grew so popular they opened up a full service restaurant in 2017. They not only offer a varied selection of Indonesian dishes: they also sell their seasoning and sauces, as well as offering cooking classes and recipes, so you can create their dishes at home.

This ramen noodle cafe is open until 1:00 AM to satisfy your late night sushi, ramen and yakitori cravings. Be sure to sample the avocado fries, hot buns, and their specialty – gangnam wings.

An Array of European Cuisine - From Home-style to Specialty dishes

Le Comptoir bills itself as home-style French cooking. With dishes like Escargot in Garlic Butter and Frog Legs Salad, you’ll find it hard to believe you are still in the United States. If frog’s legs are not your thing, try one of the Mussels dishes – prepared in your choice of White Wine, Curry, Dijon, Blue Cheese, Carbonara or Coconut Milk.

Mickey Byrne’s Irish Pub opened in November 2008 with the intent of bringing an authentic piece of modern Ireland to South Florida. Named after a famous Tipperary hurling legend, Mickey Byrne’s broadcasts most major sporting events while offering traditional Irish fare such as Fish ‘N’ Chips, Shepherd’s Pie, and Bangers and Mash.

Opened by two brothers who are “part Greek and part Canadian” , The Greek Joint offers dishes like Spanakopita that are made from secret family recipes. Be sure to try their Fava Spread and bring home a piece of Baklava for dessert.
Both a bakery and a cafe, Chocolada has been a mainstay of Young Circle for the past thirty years. In addition to a breakfast and lunch menu, Chocolada specializes in authentic European dessert recipes. Their cakes and desserts are created with fruit purees, chocolate, and other products from Switzerland, France and Belgium.

Villa Romana offers both an Italian and a Romanian menu along with live music that is as diverse as their menu. Try an Eggplant Parmesan appetizer or a Gnocchi Quattro Formaggio from the Italian menu or a Salata de Icre(Fish Roe Salad) and Snitel de Pui (Chicken Schnitzel) from the Romanian menu.
A great way to round off your night is with a scoop of real Italian gelato. All the ingredients at Tasta Gelato have been shipped straight from Sicily for an authentic taste of Italy, a great way to top off your international night.
These suggestions are just a fraction of the restaurants along Hollywood Boulevard and Harrison Street. The hardest thing you will have to do when visiting downtown Hollywood is to decide which places you want to visit – because there are just so many from which to choose! If you don’t get to eat all the way around the world, don’t worry! You can always try a place you missed out on the first time around when you come stay with us at Sheridan Ocean Club.

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