October 16, 2020

Things To Do In Hoboken During Your Corporate Housing Experience

Aug 17
You might have never heard of or known about Hoboken till reading this article, but let me, and all of Dharma Home Suites, be the first to tell you about all the things to do in Hoboken during your corporate housing experience!

Frank Sinatra’s birthplace

Holy Smokes! First, you find out about Hoboken (or not) and now you’re finding out that The Frank Sinatra was born right here in Hoboken. Whether or not this is new information to you probably doesn’t matter though considering it’s Frank Sinatra! If you’re looking to find out where the musical genius was raised, then check out the Hoboken Historical Museum, which will give you all kinds of information about Frankie’s life in Hoboken, as well as a bunch of other historical information!

Walk, jog, or bike along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

Here’s an excellent opportunity to practice a healthy lifestyle for those of you who have read Dharma Home Suites’ articles on the importance of staying in shape and fit during your corporate housing experience. Believe me, I know how hard it can be, but just start with a ten minute jog in the morning and slowly work yourself up. It gives you an excellent time to think about what else you’re going to do during your corporate housing visit, along with give you a view of the cities around the Hudson!

Check out Hoboken and the Manhattan skyline from Castle Point Lookout

Speaking of getting a good view of the city so be sure you check out Castle Point Lookout! Castle Point Lookout is actually the highest point in Hoboken and offers visitors a stunning view of not only most of Hoboken, but also offers a nice view of the Manhattan skyline similar to the views enjoyed by our guests in Jersey City!

Washington Street, it’s a big deal in Hoboken and you should find out why!

“Why’s it a big deal?” you might be wondering. Well first off, it was named one of the top ten greatest American streets in 2010. Why? Because it offers something for everyone! Do you enjoy unique mom & pop stores? Do you like socializing with the locals? Do you hope for multiple ways of transportation? Well this street has all of that! In fact, Dharma Home Suites even has an entire corporate housing building, Novia , located on Washington St. in Hoboken!

There’s so much more things to do in Hoboken during your corporate housing experience! For more information make sure you do some research. Check out more of Dharma Home Suites’ blogs, we have plenty of information about Hoboken located in our articles or throughout our website! Remember, choose Dharma Home Suites for your high quality corporate housing needs in Hoboken, as well as other major cities!