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1 Apr

Effective Time Management for Professionals

Ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? Or have you experienced the feeling of time flying by or dragging on? Discover ways at Dharma  Home Suites in New York to make the most out of the time you have and how to avoid a drag of a day by reading further!

Definition and Benefits of Time Management

Time management is a very simple concept to grasp; however its execution is a lot more difficult. Most of us have issues with procrastination, especially in today’s society due to all of the distractions available and that are more enjoyable than doing anything productive. Ultimately, living a productive life comes down to balance, efficiency, and organization. That’s how the benefits of time management helps, by ensuring that you complete what you need to do quickly and efficiently, as well as, not spending too much time on distractions and hobbies.

Time Management Tips and Strategies

The first step to managing your time more effectively as a business professional is to look at your time as if its currency. Decide how much time currency you have to work with, what activities, responsibilities, and hobbies cost in terms of time, as well as, prioritizing. For instance, if you think in terms of a day, which is a time currency of 24 dollars, and you want a healthy sleeping habit, then that would leave you with 16 dollars. Simple enough right?

After some practice, you will have a better understanding of what activities take up how much time. To start off your day, spend the first few minutes to make a to-do list of what you need to get done in the day. Even simple tasks, such as making breakfast and put a reasonable estimate of what times you will complete them. Cross each task out as you finish them. Psychologically this is also positive reinforcement, so at the end of the day you will feel even more accomplished when you see how much you have done.

Another very important concept to take into account, that many don’t consider, is how much time you’ll take for even small breaks like a five minute Facebook checkup, or time to gather your thoughts before a phone call. Be careful that you don’t overschedule a day; otherwise you’ll be disheartened when you don’t complete it all because of small breaks that add up.

Time Management Apps

  • Rescue Time: This is an excellent app for figuring out what takes up how much time. Rescue Time runs in the background and gives you a comprehensive report of where your time is spent on what applications. It also lets you know what you have accomplished throughout the day, set up alerts, and even block distracting websites. This is a great app for figuring out a plan and keeping yourself in check.


  • Focus Booster: This is similar to Rescue Time, instead of running it in the background you have to enter the times manually. This gives you the advantage of tracking projects off the computer as well as on. This app suggests that you do work in sharp bursts and have quick breaks. This app also presents reports for you to understand better where your time is spent.


  • Mind42: Mind42 app utilizes the concept of mind mapping. In other words, essentially brain storming. This helps you understand connections between ideas and the different aspects to these concepts. Understanding is the key to more efficient work. Thus ensuring the saving of more time.


  • My Life Organized: This takes to-do lists to a whole new level. My Life Organized allows you to input tasks, sub-tasks, and sub-tasks for those sub-tasks. You can also input dates and prioritize. Thus ensuring you’re ability to complete what needs to be done, when it needs to be done.


  • Focus@Will: This is a different aspect to time management. Instead of organizing or using lists, this is more for focus than anything else. Focus@Will uses neuroscience and music to help you focus on your work at hand. It uses specific types of music to keep your attention on the work at hand.

Final Notes

Dharma Home Suites wants you to be able to make the most of your time as a professional. We understand how hard it is to manage time especially as a business professional. This is our gift to you, time management tips and apps, please utilize them to their fullest potential to make your life easier.

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