How to Get Around New York City’s Dense Neighborhoods as a New Visitor

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5 Sep

How to Get Around New York City’s Dense Neighborhoods as a New Visitor

Quite often corporate housing guests who stay with Dharma Home Suites are brand new to the New York City area. Even more often people, who aren’t our guests, are also brand new to the New York area and just need help navigating the intricate system that makes up New York City. All together New York City can be separated into The Five Burroughs. Don’t forget Dharma Home Suites has corporate housing in Manhattan and other areas, like Jersey City, near enough to New York City that this article will help too!

The Five Burroughs

All together there were five separate county governments that eventually created New York City. Although the governments united the neighborhoods have now inherited these five names. To the north is the Bronx; connected on the same peninsula is Manhattan as well, towards the southwest. Directly south of the Bronx is Queens, which together with Brooklyn make a much larger peninsula than the Bronx and Manhattan. To the most southwest of the city lies Staten Island!

Manhattan, the busiest city of them all!

Obviously the most famous of the five Burroughs, Manhattan is known as the financial center of the world due to Wall Street. Of course, due to its high standing in the business sector, Manhattan is also the city that Dharma Home Suites has corporate housing in Ivy Tower!


Manhattan may be where all the business goes down in New York City, but Brooklyn is where people live their lives. Believe it or not if it were a city it would be one of the most populated cities in the United States, which is impressive due to its small land area. Popular destinations and things to visit in Brooklyn include the Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island, and many more. It’s also worth noting that according to Wikipedia, Brooklyn is becoming known for entrepreneurship!


Right behind the most populated Borough of Brooklyn, Queens offers popular attractions such as Rockaway Park, Unisphere, Queensboro Bridge, and so much more! In fact it’s quite possible that, if you’re staying in New York City using corporate housing or any other short-term rental service, you’ll fly into JFK airport, which is located in Queens. Plan accordingly!

The Bronx

The Bronx is most known for having the Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Zoo. This is especially important to know if you happen to be traveling with your family during your corporate housing trip because now there are some definite family fun options available! However, keep in mind The Bronx is also one of the poorest congressional districts.

Staten Island

Staten Island is the least populated out of the five Burroughs and as mentioned lies the furthest South of the other Burroughs. For navigational purposes you will want to look into taking the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, which connects Staten Island to Brooklyn!

Final Notes

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article and sincerely we hope it helps you in any way during your corporate housing trip in New York City. Be sure to subscribe to our blog for more useful articles and if you need to contact us just click here! Happy travels!