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Simple Philosophy

Seven Guidelines – Our Work Philosophy

Guideline 1: Being Present In Life And During Work
Maintaining a balance between work and social life is key, and at Dharma we strive to provide comfort, space, and opportunity to our guests and team members to live life at its fullest. Accommodating business travelers and vacationing adventurers alike, we provide accommodations that help you stay present in all aspects of your life.
Guideline 2: Being Respectful Of Others Work And Time
From our management team and employees to our guests, property managers, and stakeholders, we are building a network of good karma to all of those involved with Dharma. We nurture our relationships through open, honest, and clear intentions to better life as a whole.
Guideline 3: Following Through On Our Promises
From the internal operations to the presentation of our accommodations, Dharma Home Suites is passion driven to create happiness by providing quality services to guests from around the world. Our word is our promise, and our promise is quality.
Guideline 4: Being Helpful, Helping CoWorkers – Customers – Business Partners
We work to have a business that is beneficial to all our stakeholders, whether it’s our guests, business partners, or employees. By creating an organization that gives employees the opportunity to develop their talents and strengths, we maintain a sustainable organization that not only creates value but supports everyone involved.
Guideline 5: “Karma”
We believe in creating good Karma through right action. Good Karma and right action further support and open up the possibility for good fortune. Master Nishijima once said: “Right action is happiness itself… “How we act presently affects our future and those around us; fostering care and equality within the workplace helps us generate good karma among all parties.”
Guideline 6: “Kaizen”
“Kaizen” comes from an understanding that life is always changing and can be improved if we continue to learn. This ideology brings forth a continuous change for the better, improvement inside and outside of the office setting. Change is inevitable, and the Dharma team embraces change as a way to achieve higher quality services.
Guideline 7: Listening Deeply,Taking Action From Mutual Understanding- Green Cleaning
Nurturing our relationship with the environment and tending it in a mutually beneficial way is essential for Dharma Home Suites. We clean each room in accordance with non-toxic guidelines, using Seventh Generation non-toxic and biodegradable materials, as well as training our housekeeping staff with safe cleaning methods and ideologies. Taking care of our team, our guests, and the environment in order to provide quality services.
Dharma Is: Happy People, Quality Service
Our philosophy relies heavily on our belief in creating good fortune; it comes from the thoughtful action, sincerity, and value we bring to those around us, be it fellow co-workers, business partners, guests, or audiences alike.