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Our Philosophy

Happy people, Quality service

Creating Good Karma

Overall, Dharma Home Suites’ primary goal is to improve people’s lives.

We want to serve as beneficial to all of our stakeholders, whether they are customers, business partners or employees. By creating an organization that gives employees at Dharma Home Suites the opportunity to develop their talents and strengths, we maintain a sustainable organization to sufficiently support our customers and business partners.We believe that good fortune in life comes from right action and the sincerity and value we bring to the ones around us; fellow co-workers, business partners, and guests alike. From internal operations to services provided, Dharma Home Suites drives a happy and passionate organization and exerts that in all outlets.

Ultimately, everyone reaps the benefits of the committed Dharma team. Dharma Home Suites believes in karma; how we act presently affects our near and far away future. Through fostering care and equality within the workplace we generate good karma among all parties involved from guests to our management team and employees to building residents, property managers, and stakeholders. We nurture our relationships by being open, honest, and keeping our intentions for the better of the whole. We also believe in nurturing our relationship with the environment and tending to it in one of the most mutually beneficial ways possible.

One of Dharma Home Suites’ seven culture concepts is the Japanese concept “Kaisen” which signifies continuous change for the better, improvement; we are looking to grow as individuals and as an organization together. Kaisen comes from understanding that life is always changing and in order to be in tune with life, we must never stop learning and always be willing to adjust our actions and business practices. We believe in change and understand that it is inevitable but we strive for the right type of change. We look forward to polishing all of our services that we provide and being able to polish the manner in which we provide our services.

Dharma Home Suites nurtures and cares for our services provided as well as for the internal functions of our work environment.

Green Cleaning

As part of our unique corporate housing model, we clean each room in accordance to non-toxic cleaning agents. Seventh Generation, non-toxic and biodegradable, is the nation’s leading brand of household and personal care products that help protect human health and the environment. All of our housekeeping staff are trained with safe cleaning methods.