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Dharma’s Corporate Housing Team

We are a small, multicultural team. Each of us has different experiences and backgrounds. We solve problems over coffee, tea, lunch and yoga. We all do a bit of everything and add a personal touch to our work. Everyone has great ideas; by working together we create a synergy and take ownership in our decisions.


Toivo grew up in Oslo, Norway. He has traveled extensively, including many destinations in Asia. Toivo possesses a profound entrepreneurial spirit. He moved to New York, where he co-founded Dharma Home Suites in 2008. He enjoys Italian cuisine and Bikram Yoga. Toivo manages daily operations and business development.


Eunju is from Seoul, South Korea. She moved to New York in 2008, where she co-founded Dharma Home Suites with Toivo. She is passionate about green cleaning and living a healthy lifestyle, and works to implement this passion in our business practices. She enjoys unwinding when she has free time away from the rush of the city – she calls it “the luxury of doing nothing.” Eunju manages our finances, accounts, and oversees reservations.


Joan is from the Philippines. She was the first to join the team after Toivo and Eunju. Without her, there would be no Dharma. She meets guests and ensures that their rooms are prepared to the highest standard. Joan loves reading about ancient Chinese and Japanese history. She likes to cook Thai and Japanese food.


Dharma Home Suites is pleased to have Nicole as our Director of Revenue Management. She will be responsible for sales team leadership and driving revenue, as well as, developing long lasting relationships with prospective clients and industry organizations.


Alice is from Seoul, Korea. She enjoys all types of food and to cook. Her favorite travel destination is Rome, Italy and hopes to go to Greece and Turkey some day. Her best travel tip: “before you go, study hard.” Alice works in the reservations department here at Dharma Home Suites.


Kyuhyun is a recent graduate of Lehigh University, with a degree in Computer Science and Business. Kyu is working on developing business systems to help our staff better support customers. Kyu grew up in New York city making him a New Yorker through and through. Kyu’s favorite food is fried chicken. He would like to travel to Iceland soon to see the northern lights.


Michael is a man of many hats. While he will primarily assumes the role of Reservation Manager, his other areas of responsibilities include quality assurance checks, sales, and property management. He tackles daily tasks with a service minded approach, delivering seamless customer experience with a positive attitude.


Yejin is right out of Busan, Korea, the second largest city in Korea and famous for the beautiful beaches and bridge. She has majored in media communications and marketing and decided to travel to New York to experience a new culture and start work experience from scratch. She loves all foods but her favorite is the classic French crepe. Eventually, she would love to travel to Barcelona, Spain and visit the Sagrada Familia. She suggests anyone traveling to not be so stringent on schedules and to tour the city as a local.


As Reservation manager, Arreum is a pillar of Dharma Home Suites. She loves to eat and cook and has taken her love for food further than the average foodie by obtaining her masters in nutrition. She has traveled to Tokyo, Japan and says it is her favorite travel destination because of its cleanliness. In Tokyo, she really enjoyed Disneyland and a  Mickey Mouse ice-pop! Her favorite cuisine is Thai food. You may see her in the Dharma Home Suites office sharing traditional Korean baked goods with fellow colleagues.


A graduate from Rutgers University, Alanna works in both reservations and business development. She enjoys travel and recently enjoyed a trip to Thailand, where she spent time with family and getting in touch with her roots. She visited several cities while being there and, as an animal lover, enjoyed her time at the elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, where she fed, bathed, and played with the elephants. She loves to cooking and baking and trying new foods.


Andrew started his journey with Dharma, in 2014, as a housekeeper. Nowadays, he is involved in operations in Miami, working in reservations, guest relations, and maintenance. With an entrepreneurial mindset, he has always been an independent thinker. He is from India and enjoys Thai, Chinese, and Italian cuisine and a classic sushi roll. One of his favorite travel destination is a capital city Thimpu in the small country of Bhutan.


Louise is a traveler she has been to multiple countries and cities; She used to live in Sweden, England, Germany, and Florida. After receiving B.S in business administration she started her career at Dharma Home Suites she will be focusing on customer service with a multicultural background; she can accommodate our customer’s request and fulfill it smoothly. She has an ability to understand our customers in many different angles. Louise enjoys living in the city since there are so many restaurants she can visit, which this is one of her biggest complaints too! 


Emily moved from Maryland with an excellent track record of launching successful businesses. We believe that within the mind and spirit of an entrepreneur, she is determined to learn more and has a great passion for making an impact in Dharma Home Suites. She is excited to start a new journey. Emily will be focusing on business development, and primarily marketing which will include creating new partnerships, strengthening our online presence, and creating new content for our social media followers.