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About Dharma Home Suites

Dharma Home Suites provides one-of-a-kind, temporary housing solutions by way of short-term, fully furnished accommodations in upscale, amenity buildings in Miami, New York and New Jersey.

We offer availability in the most vibrant cities along the east coast, delivering a local living experience that makes all the difference in your overall experience. Sleep deeper, work better, heal faster, stress less and live more.

Whether it’s for a week, a month, or even a whole year, we can accommodate your needs. Our short term rentals are perfect for those traveling for business, medical reasons, job transfers, vacation and/or relocations! By providing thoughtfully curated, tailored luxury accommodations, we help simplify your stay in a new city.

Our company is built on the foundation of holistic service. We value balance between work & well-being and strive for continuous improvement, which is carried through in top-level customer service and Feng Shui inspired environments. Your experience and our success is built upon genuine relationships, made of trust and reliability. We’re here to give you a luxurious experience you can count on, time after time.

Dharma Home Suites, your peaceful place to stay for a while.

The Dharma Home Suites experience

Simply put, Dharma Home Suites provides a premium, complete home – sustainable and carefully integrated with its surroundings and prepared personally by the Dharma Home Suites team.

We approach hospitality with a holistic approach, to offer travelers all aspects of feeling like their accommodations are truly theirs. Dharma believes in facilitating the balances between home, work, lifestyle, and adventure.

Dharma Home Suites provides upscale short term accommodations with a home feeling. We select all our suites personally and furnish them tastefully, offering our guests superior comfort and space. The apartments are well chosen according to ancient Feng Shui principles and are impeccably adorned with furniture and art representing styles from different parts of the world. We offer our guests premium, 250 thread count bedding from Thomaston Mills for a deep night’s sleep. Arguably the best in the city, our suites offer a blend of grace and charm with contemporary amenities, comfort, and service for a truly upscale & relaxing home-away-from-home experience.

"Who Dharma Home Suites is,"

We are a combination of a bright, multicultural staff, top-level quality service, and an ultra-comforting temporary accommodation experience.

As a company, Dharma Home Suites strives for honesty and to maintain integrity within the workplace, among all employees and with our guests.

Our sincere relationships with everyone and everything, including the preservation of our planet, are how we measure success and continue to grow, as a unit, at Dharma Home Suites.

Our short term accommodations provide the perfect balance of luxury, comfort, lifestyle & adventure for all guests, whether they stay for one week or six months.

We have thoughtfully chosen luxury accommodations in, what we believe to be, the most beautiful and convenient locations and furnished and decorated them the Dharma Home Suites way — tastefully, luxuriously & Feng Shui inspired.

Authentic, local experience

Staying with Dharma means to truly experience the city you’re in due to our accommodations being located in premier residential buildings. The Dharma experience differs from your regular hotel and short term stay accommodations by providing a fully-equipped cozy, peaceful and convenience home. Visualize for a moment…

…Waking up from a restful sleep to fresh coffee brewing, the sounds of Saturday morning cartoons, and a feeling of renewed energy. Prepare for the day ahead while your family enjoys breakfast in your fully equipped kitchen that oversees the Manhattan skyline. Soak up the day with the perfect balance of work & play and celebrate the night from a recommended delectable restaurant. Finally retreating back to your peaceful place to stay for a while.

And if there is any other way we may serve you, count on our top-level customer service. All of our services are included in one check and most of our properties have modern resort style and premium finished amenity facilities. Welcome to your peaceful place to stay for a while.

Dharma Home Suites’ History

Eunju Kim Halvorsen and Toivo Halvorsen founded Dharma Home Suites. It all started by renting out furnished apartments in Manhattan in 2008. In the beginning, they had only one studio, but guests enjoyed the location and proximity to Times Square and customers discovered that they were able to connect to with their needs and Dharma Home Suites provided great hospitality and satisfying service. After a while, they accumulated one more studio, eventually a third. In many ways you could say they survived by renting out a few apartments near Times Square.

The Halvorsens continued this rental business at a moderate level while pursuing an MBA with a focus on Sustainability. During this time, they realized that business could be a great way to have a positive impact on people (customers, employees, partners and competitors) and also protect and preserve the environment. After 3 years of operations in Manhattan, the company moved all of their operations, in 2012, to Jersey City. And in 2013 the company opened up what is now the main office on 333 Washington Street, Jersey City, NJ.

In the spring of 2013, the company also decided to turn a new page by using environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning products. Ever since, Dharma Home Suites cleans all of their apartments and laundry using Seventh Generation and other non-toxic cleaning materials.

In efforts to expand the business, June 2014, Dharma Home Suites opens up in Miami. The company now has 2 locations in Miami Downtown (Brickell) and Miami Beach. Since the inception of the first Miami units, the company has steadily grown its inventory and following base by hosting guests from all over the world. As 2016 comes to an end, the company now operates across the east coast with main focuses in Miami and New York Metro market and with its recent February 2016 launch of the Novia building in, the up and coming west side of, Hoboken, the company has set a new standard for corporate housing in the New York Metro area.