29 Nov

Tips for Holiday Travel: Dharma Edition

The holidays: a time to celebrate, to enjoy some time off from work, and to spend time with loved ones. If travel is involved, it can also be a logistics nightmare for the under-prepared. From making sure you packed everything, to giving yourself enough time to pass through extensive lines at airport security, traveling during...
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9 Nov

Travelling Healthy

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on the road can be a challenging prospect. Most people find it easier to stick to their sleeping, eating, and exercise routine at home, where the bed is familiar, it’s easy to shop for fresh ingredients to make healthy meals, and you know the best local jogging tracks and gyms....
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22 Oct

Why Dharma?

  Home Experience, Upscale Accommodations, and Excellent Customer Service. The three most important facets of staying at a Dharma Home Suites apartment. Throughout the years we have worked on perfecting our apartments to fit all of our customer’s needs. The Dharma Experience is for everyone. Regardless of which of our properties you stay at for...
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23 Aug

Jersey City & Hoboken: Locally Run

At Dharma we strive to provide our guests with a distinctive home-away-from-home experience – which includes helping our guests get the most out of the neighborhood in which they are staying. After all, being knowledgeable and connected to our neighborhoods is one of the defining characteristics of feeling “at home”. We’re proud to have both...
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13 Aug

Stay Green On The Road

For environmentally conscious travelers, a true “home-away-from-home” experience may mean staying with a lodging provider that is just as committed to green hospitality and green business practices. Anticipating growing consumer demands, forward-thinking hotels are increasingly committed to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building construction and operations – i.e. using environmentally responsible construction materials,...
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