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7 Sep

Corporate Housing Guests Have Many Options for Relaxing Getaways in New Jersey and New York

Whatever you’re looking for and whatever it takes for you to relax is offered a short drive away from anywhere in New Jersey and New York. Let’s say you happen to be staying in one of Dharma Home Suites’ furnished apartments. Now let’s say you want to relax in a day spa, perhaps play a...
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1 Sep

Jersey City Restaurants That Traveling Professionals Must Try

You’re either in Jersey City or about to be in Jersey City aren’t you! Well for anyone who is curious about some quality restaurants to try while staying with Dharma Home Suites for corporate housing, be sure to continue reading on. All four restaurants we have chosen to mention are all of 4.5 star quality and...
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28 Aug

8 Things to Know Before Moving to Your Furnished Apartment in New York City

As you probably already know, Dharma Home Suites has multiple corporate housing properties located in the New York area. Some properties include Ivy Tower, Hoboken, and Jersey City. For those of you planning to stay in these areas for the first time, or even if it’s not your first time, be sure to keep reading...
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24 Aug

Special Offers for Corporate Housing Guests Staying with Dharma Home Suites

One of the reasons Dharma Home Suites has been successful is because we offer quality corporate housing at the lowest rates on the Internet. Check out Yelp, or Google, or any other review based website and you’ll find out how much people enjoy staying with us. Of course, we want to help you, our loyal...
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21 Aug

How to Build Healthy Guest Relationships in the Corporate Housing Industry

Why should you be interested in building healthy guest relationships for your business? Because satisfied and happy guests are more likely to come back, and keep on coming back! They maybe even freely advertise for you bringing in their friends and family, or other people impressed by their belief in your products or services. To help...
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17 Aug

Things to Do in Hoboken During Your Corporate Housing Experience

You might have never heard of or known about Hoboken till reading this article, but let me, and all of Dharma Home Suites, be the first to tell you about all the things to do in Hoboken during your corporate housing experience! Frank Sinatra’s birthplace Holy Smokes! First, you find out about Hoboken (or not)...
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Photo Courtesy of Andrew Imanaka

15 Aug

Four Common Problems for Guests Using Low-Quality, Short-Term Housing

The professionals here at Dharma Home Suites, hope you choose us for corporate housing, but even if you don’t we still want you to find quality corporate housing. For that reason we’ve generated this list, giving you the common red-flag situations to keep your eye out for when choosing corporate or short-term housing. Untrained or...
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Photo Courtesy of Steve Lathrop

13 Aug

Things To Do in Miami Beach During Your Corporate Housing Experience

So, you’re either planning on coming to Miami Beach or you’re already here and are looking for the local eateries, fun activities, and places to hang out! Congrats! Miami Beach has so much to offer travelling professionals like yourself. Here, at Dharma Home Suites, our guests in Monte Carlo ask us all the time, “what...
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Photo Courtesy of Mikhail Golub

7 Aug

Dharma Home Suites Answers 6 Questions About Corporate Housing

Not surprisingly, people have a lot of questions regarding corporate housing. That’s exactly why Dharma Home Suites is writing this article with hope that it’ll be useful to anyone experiencing difficulties during a business trip. Enjoy! 1. How long is a “short-term stay” and is there a limit? Normally, a short-term stay in a furnished apartment...
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