5 May

Corporate Housing for Families vs. Solo Travelers

Alternative Accommodations and Corporate Housing, we know that both of these sound like something limited to the business world and the travel community that travels to conferences. While you aren’t wrong assuming that, there is also a lot more to corporate housing than business people, we’ve taken a look at our audience and have worked...
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27 Apr

Oriental Style Hospitality

At Dharma Home Suites we aim to provide all of our guests with a truly upscale home away from home experience. Our team has worked on providing key insights on Dharma’s hospitality approach and how the organization brings people together. Why is Dharma’s hospitality different and why should people choose it? Dharma’s hospitality centers in...
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20 Apr

Experience Miami Like a Local

Beautiful sandy beaches, clear blue skies, and tropical weather: Welcome to Miami! We get that escaping the cold is vital during winter months, but with summer right around the corner we’re leaving those frigid temperatures behind and looking forward to a summer’s guide on how to experience Miami like a local with the perks of...
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12 Apr

Your next Tenants

Knowing your audience has never been more important in the travel and hospitality world, it’s not just about their age anymore and it’s certainly more complex than expecting them to find you. There has been an exponential growth in alternative accommodations and it comes from a push in travel for both business and pleasure. We’ve...
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6 Apr

The Dharma Experience

It’s been a long flight, you couldn’t sleep because you, unfortunately, you got seated next to a crying baby. At least you have some time to work on that presentation for tomorrow afternoon, who knew coming to New York for a week-long business trip could be this stressful? You finally arrive and leave the airport...
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28 Mar

Finding your Next Corporate Housing

Don’t let looking for your lodgings become a difficult chore, we’re here to give you our tips and tricks on efficiently finding the best corporate housing for your next business trip. Booking flights, setting up out of office, and packing are just a few things in your to-do list before you leave for that important...
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23 Mar

New Jersey Spring Guide

Spring is a time of new beginnings and whether you’re there for business or pleasure New Jersey is bustling with activity, take a look at our New Jersey Spring Guide for favorite places and things to see.  You’re here for a short time, be it business or pleasure and want to make sure you hit...
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Photo Courtesy of STIL on Unsplash

16 Feb

Keeping up with the Millennials: 3 Tips on Corporate Housing

In 2015 millennials became the largest generation to enter the American workforce, this event disrupted several traditional business models by having a ripple effect on the way conglomerate businesses approached corporate housing. The hospitality industry was heavily impacted by this globetrotter generation; characterized for their strong sense of wanderlust. Regardless of their travel purpose, millennials...
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