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20 Jul

Using Music to Increase Productivity

A multitude of studies have drawn positive associations between music and increased productivity. Dharma Home Suites, in Jersey City, presents some tips on how to use music to increase productivity. These tips can be used in your personal, social, and professional life. Make Playlists for Specifics When you plan to make music a more integrated...
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11 Jul

Interesting Facts About Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is home to the nation’s capitol, the White House, many historic landmarks, and full of our nations’ history. Dharma Home Suites presents this article featuring interesting things about D.C., as well as cool things to check out if you’re ever visiting for business or pleasure. Big Dates July 16, 1790- D.C. becomes the seat...
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9 Jul

Interpersonal Communication Tips and Tricks

In the professional world, communication is key. The benefit of having the ability to talk to people spills over into presentations, helps with day-to-day conversations, improves relationships, and aids in negotiations. Like most skills, interpersonal communication requires practice. We at Dharma Home Suites have generated this brief list of some interpersonal communication tips you can start...
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25 Jun

Negotiating Tips and Tactics for the Business Professional

You must acquire certain skills as a business professional. One skill that Dharma Home Suites thinks is particularly useful is the ability to negotiate well. Negotiations are most importantly determined by communication. Make sure to practice these recommended skills regular in order to see improvement. Read here: Pros and Cons of Short Term Rentals The Basics...
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